Executive Order Numbered Seventy-eight, series of nineteen hundred and ten, as amended by Executive Order Numbered Thirty-seven, series of nineteen hundred and eleven, is hereby further amended to read as follows:

"The district engineer, Province of Cebu; Gifford Jones, superintendent Philippine Railway Company; and Ignacio Regner, chief of the land tax division, provincial treasurer's office of Cebu, are hereby appointed an appraisement committee to pass upon the location, condition, present actual value, and presented market value of all lands buildings, and structures in the Province of Cebu concerning which such information is requested by the Postal Saving Bank Investment Board.

"This Committee will meet at such times and places in the Province of Cebu as it may find necessary and will promptly submit to the Postal Savings Bank Investment Board a report of its findings in each instance, together with such other information relative to such lands, buildings, and structures as said board may from time to time request."