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Pursuant to the provisions of Act Numbered Six hundred and forty-eight, Philippine Commission, entitled "An Act authorizing the Governor-General to reserve for civil public purpose, and from sale or settlement, any part of the public domain not appropriated by law for special public purposes, until otherwise directed by law, extending the provisions of Act Numbered Six hundred and twenty-seven so that public lands desired to be reserved by the Insular Government for public uses, or private lands desired to be purchased by the Insular Government for such uses, may be brought under the operation of the Land Registration Act." I hereby reserve for school purpose and withdraw from sale or settlement a parcel of public domain in the township of Cagayancillo, Province of Palawan, with the folowing boundaries:

Bounded on the north and east by the Sulu Sea, on the south by Calle Liput, and on the west by Calle Real.

The description herein given is subject to the substitution of technical description of said land upon the completeion of survey of the same.


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